Insect processing is based on a high level of automation, advanced equipment, IT and energy solutions
Raw materials

• We mainly use by-products from local food and agriculture businesses (grain and vegetable by-products)
• Raw materials are chosen based on their eligibility as feed, nutritional composition and expected effects on insects
• Raw materials are obtained from registered and approved feed businesses operators which ensure traceability
• Insect rearing, breeding and drying steps are the most energy-consuming. To reduce factory footprint, we choose renewable and the most efficient sources of energy


• During this processing step, matured larvae are carefully separated from substrate and frass by sieving and prepared for the blanching
• Blanching performs a double function – inactivates insects and ensures microbiological stability
• All these processes are performed according to strict animal welfare and food safety requirements
• Depending on the time of harvesting the larvae, it is possible to influence the nutritional composition and create various solutions for end products


• We specialize in the rearing and breeding of one of the most suitable insect species for food applications - yellow mealworms (Tenebrio molitor)
• Our insects are bred and reared using unique diets to provide all essential nutrients in a closed environment with controlled temperature, humidity, and ventilation
• It is necessary to control growing conditions to mimic insects’ natural habitat and ensure their welfare
• By applying different diets, it is possible to influence the nutritional values of the final products

Insect-derived product production

• After harvesting, we process larvae by using different techniques (grinding, purification, drying, extrusion) and conditions (time, temperature, pressure) • Our processing abilities empower us to create a wide range of high-quality insect-derived products (powders, concentrates, texturized proteins, lipids, etc.)
• By using a flexible production line, we can easily adjust processing conditions and produce tailor-made solutions
• The products we create can offer different nutritional values and functional properties (water- and oil-binding capacities, solubility, thermostability, etc.)

Possible applications

• Insect-derived ingredients are rich in high-quality proteins, which contain all nine essential amino acids
• The value of our ingredients is more than proteins – they offer a sufficient amount of healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and prebiotic fibres
• With great nutritional composition and functional properties, insect ingredients are a competitive choice to many protein sources and can be easily applied in different food sectors
• They are mainly used to add value to sports nutrition, meat alternatives, savoury snacks, bakery, and confectionery

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