Started in 2020, Divaks is developing a fully automated, vertically integrated insect protein business. Our goal is to create high-quality insect-derived ingredients for the food industry that excel in nutritional and functional qualities.

Since the beginning of the company, we have been committed to sustainable choices – we build our insect farms relying on the principles of circular economy, traceable materials, and a guarantee to ensure the best living, breeding, and rearing conditions for our insects.

Divaks is growing fast. We have recently launched our pilot facility, which will enable us to develop high–quality insect protein ingredients adapted to our customers' needs. We successfully took the first step and signed the Novel Food Dossier licensing agreement to produce mealworm proteins for food applications. This agreement will take our project to the next level and empower us to continue our entry into the market.

Continuing our research and creating unique technologies will allow us to ensure the consistent quality of our ingredients. Great attention to clients' needs, knowledge, and flexibility makes us a reliable partner in creating insect protein solutions.

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