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We are Divaks, a Lithuanian company dedicated to producing and developing insect-based ingredients for the food and pet food industries. Founded in 2020, we are committed to offering highly nutritious, functional, and sustainable protein alternatives.

At Divaks, we are driven by the vision that integrating insect protein into food and pet food products can significantly contribute to addressing climate change. Insect farming not only provides nutritious protein but also represents a vital step towards a more planet-friendly food system.

Our primary source of ingredients is the yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor), recognized for its suitability in human nutrition and the distinction of being the first insect approved for human consumption.

While introducing new generation proteins to the market, we uphold stringent safety standards - all our ingredients, sourced within the European Union, comply with regulations and have received Novel Food approvals, ensuring their safe inclusion in food products. Our operations are currently spread across Lithuania, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

Our guiding




Respect each other‘s opinions, be fair, and strive for the best for all stakeholders


The fully traceable process allows ensuring safe and transparent products

Constant motivation to discover novel ingredients through innovative technology

Protect nature by minimizing footprint and optimizing the supply chain

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