Insect processing is based on a high level of automation, advanced equipment, IT and energy solutions.

Raw materials

We mainly use by-products from local food and agriculture businesses (grain and vegetable by-products). 

Raw materials are chosen based on their eligibility as feed, nutritional composition and expected effects on insects. 

Raw materials are obtained from registered and approved feed businesses operators which ensure traceability.


We specialize in the rearing and breeding of yellow mealworms (Tenebrio molitor).

Our insects are bred and reared using unique diets to provide all essential nutrients.

We control growing environment conditions to mimic insects’ natural habitat and ensure their welfare.


During this step, matured larvae are separated from substrate and frass by sieving and prepared for the blanching.

Blanching performs a double function – inactivates insects and ensures microbiological stability.

All these processes are performed according to strict animal welfare and food safety requirements.

Insect-based ingredients' production

We process harvested larvae by using different techniques (grinding, purification, drying, extrusion) and conditions.

Our processing abilities empower us to create high-quality insect-based products in form of powders and texturized proteins.

The products we create can offer different nutritional values and functional properties.


We build our insect farms relying on the principles of sustainability. In our farms, we combine vertical farming, circular economy and traceability.

Pilot facility

Established in 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania, our initial location was designed to replicate lab results on a larger scale and validate product assumptions. The facility now serves as an intermediate manufacturing site ahead of the launch of our industrial-scale facility.

Industrial-scale facility

Slated for launch in 2026 in Marijampolė, Lithuania, the new plant will be constructed by YIT Lietuva, a well-known construction company in Northern Europe. The Bühler Group, a leading technology provider, will implement turn-key technology solutions. Initially, the production capacity is projected to reach between 10,000 and 15,000 tons of insect-derived ingredients annually.

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