R&D is essential to our company’s successful development, product creation and market outreach

Our experienced and dedicated in-house specialists are the core of our Research & Development. They conduct hands-on trial tests of rearing, breeding, and processing in our pilot facility and coordinate all R&D activities.
To expand and accelerate our R&D progress, we closely collaborate and carry out research projects with stakeholders: local and foreign universities, academic institutions, and potential equipment suppliers.

Rearing and breeding R&D team focuses on:
⦁ Optimizing abiotic rearing conditions to reach the best rearing efficiency with the highest FCR of insects while ensuring their welfare
⦁ Performing calculations and conducting investigations to evaluate suitable raw materials from Agri and food industry side streams
⦁ Creating various diets and experimenting with substrates to reach the best nutritional and physiological values of mealworms
⦁ Improving mealworm maintenance operations and breeding protocols to have a stable, healthy insect population with high production yields

Food technology R&D team focuses on:
⦁ Improving insect protein purification, and drying methods by performing hands-on tests in our pilot, and partners’ production facilities
⦁ Developing different techniques for insect protein extrusion – our highly valuable know-how, and applying innovative processing solutions
⦁ Searching for unlimited possibilities to deliver easily, and widely applicable insect-derived ingredients for the food industry
⦁ Developing unique processing methods to reach desired functional and sensory properties of end products

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